Sunday, September 14, 2014

from the collection

This is a  13th-14th century Yuan Dynasty figurine that I found in China. The body was made from a mold while the arms and hands were individually sculpted. The modeling on this one is quite fine in contrast to other examples I looked at.

Monday, August 4, 2014


I have been working on some statues and tinkering with iconic sculpture. Here is Michaelangelo's David with something sinister going on. This is a small component of a large sculpture, that will make sense later. 


Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Concept stuff for the current project. Everything begins with drawing and prototypes. These were done earlier this summer at the residency and are becoming a reality. Three artists, some fine materials, and a couple of months later, the future is near. 
See the beginning here at Future Retrieval.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hawks and Rodents

A few of the many projects happening during our time here at Bemis. There is also something big and quite different that will be finished in the next day or so. More  Future Retrieval projects to come.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

New Residency at the Bemis Center

We have a new studio for the the next three months at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. Here is our private studio and the ceramics studio. There is tons of space here and plenty of support. Katie and I have several large projects already underway and its just day 2.

Taming Nature

A detail of the topiary that is part of the Taming Nature show curated by Paul Donnely for NCECA in Milwaukee. The show moved to Red Star Studios in Kansas City and opened last night. More images at Future Retrieval and on Katies blog.

Update on the Bird of Prey

Geez, we finally finished the mold for the Hawk a day before the new residency (still working on the talons) , I have been obsessed about this one for several years now.  More on the project here.

From the Sketchbook

Working on some interiors for a new local establishment as well as an interior for for an interior. It will make more sense later. Everything always begins with drawing.

monkey gone to heaven, digital project at the National Museum Cardiff

We'll all take turns I'll get mine, too
This monkey's gone to heaven.
Monkey Gone to Heaven, The Pixies

Katie Parker and Guy Michael Davis work collaboratively as Future Retrieval, the monkey sculpture they created for (Im)material Artefacts looks like it has just raided an antique shop. The monkey is balancing a teapot on his head, a greyhound ornament rests gracefully between his legs, and it is clutching an Egyptian shabti and an archaic rider figure in his big hands. The monkey is a 3D scan of a battered automaton Parker and Davis found in an upstate New York antique mall, his loot is made up of 3D scans of ceramic artefacts from the National Museum Cardiff.
“We are often drawn to grotesque mannerist figures” Parker explains “the moving monkey automaton looked beat up, unfixable, pathetic, but saveable.”
The title Monkey Heaven was inspired by a pop song by the Pixies; by infusing artefacts with contemporary meaning Future Retrieval are making old objects relevant and tying them into present-day culture. “We are searching to reanimate old tattered things, to make them precious,” explains Davis. “Although our work can be quite funny we are respectful towards the objects we work with, towards their histories,” Parker explains, “we do not want to destroy or humiliate.” Davis agrees, that the objects they gather and work with are more than mere props and shapes; “we have respect for the material and subject matter we work with, we riff[1] off the objects.” The joy Future Retrieval have in their work shows in the finished pieces; “maybe I’m the monkey” Davis muses “and I’m in heaven, juggling with these objects, celebrating these things from the past.”

Read More about the project here

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Keep Jingdezhen Weird

Some process images of things I was working on while in Jingdezhen this last December. Finished images still to come.
 I gained a little more control of blue and white painting, something I want to pursue further. The imagery came from a Ming Dynasty shard I found that I thought looked quite contemporary, I stylized it a bit further though.

After some minor trial and error the giant rats came out perfect, I ended up buying a porcelain horse that my work fell onto in the kiln which was pretty funny.
Some wheel work also happened that was then passed of to a local artist who specializes in flower making, this is for a show in March.

Of course I can not help myself when I go to China but to work with the image of Mao. I purchased the figures from a family business that still makes these cultural revolution figures, then began painting it with iconographic patterns that I designed thinking of the opium wars, the Shanghai massacre, the great leap forward, and other major events.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Decisions for Jingdezhen

With the table loaded with giant rats and hawks I had a hard time deciding what to bring to China for the residency at the Pottery Workshop. The Rat 3-d print made the cut, the mold was made in one day, and is drying on top of a public kiln. Hopefully we will get to casting in the next couple of days. Though there is plenty to do here in Jingdezhen, I am also eager to get back to the hawk, maybe one of my most complicated projects yet.

Space Odyssey

New phone packaging is making for perfect futuristic coffins for my bird collections.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Striker part II

I am so excited to finalize the scanning of the taxidermy Coopers Hawk, this one has been quite an adventure. It will be off to the 3-d printer soon. I think it will be a fine compliment to Katie's hand cut paper wall work showing scenes of small birds frolicking among beautiful foliage, but the Coopers Hawk is a fierce and unforgiving predator .

I recently spent a week in New York visiting some of my favorite spots and doing some research, here is the hawk case at the American Museum of Natural History.

This was a new display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, its all birds modeled by Kandler for Meissen around 1740.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rat Race

Someone call the Pied Piper because these things are multiplying and getting bigger. The rat and I go way back and I want to use this guy for some of the more architectural themed projects that are coming up for Future Retrieval. We foresee this 3-d scan of the freeze dried rat printed out about the size of a Gremlin, maybe..

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Living Room at the Contemporary Arts Center

This is a collaborative exhibition we have up at the Contemporary Arts Center. The show runs through September 2 here are some links to what people have been saying.   City Beat , ArtForum  ,ArtHopper,

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

From the Sketchbook

                                             Everything begins with drawing, and this presents up and coming projects for Katie and I. Visual references adress the architecture of Etienne-Louis Boullee the visionary pre- neo classical architect, the temple of love by Adolph Strauch who was the landscape architect for Spring Grove Cemetery, among many of the parks in Cincinnati, Arts and Crafts ceramic design, Dutch still life painting, and my own taxidermy projects as statue. This suggests idealistic society, abundance in trade, and a quest for immortality. We will be fleshing out this project through many means both 2-d and 3-d. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Striker the Accipiter

I have been talking about it for quite some time but finally the hawk project is underway. I will never be able to match my hero John James Audubon, but my pursuit is also a different one.
Among the worlds best flyers the Coopers Hawk is a swift, agile, and agressive hunter of other birds, typically killing by repetitively clenching down on its victim with its large sharp talons. These raptors will also prey on rodents and small mammals in the same fashion.
So dynamic in its hunting prowess "Strikers" often suffer injuries and even death by crashing into woodland obstacles during a chase, which may have been the untimely circumstance of the specimen here.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Honey Bear dont give a.....

Heres something we nerded out on. In order to 3-d print this 20+ inch bear from scan data it needed to be sliced up to fit within the powder printer. On the left each box indicates the build area I am restricted to with our machines. Once I received the finished part it was partially reassembled and molds were taken. Each of the lower sections requires about 4 gallons of casting slip to fill the mold, when all of the 7 parts are cast ( legs are separate too) it is fully reassembled and hand finished. In the center you can see the original little bear.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


I picked up this jumbo frozen feeder rat destined to become the meal for someones exotic python from  the neighborhood pet shop where they stock these frozen critters as pet food . My usual natural history source is supplying rats that are way too fat, so I decided to shop local. I also found a taxidermy studio in the area with a freeze drier that does custom work, they freeze dry wild game trophies and peoples cats and so forth. I will be building my own soon. I think I have too projects on my plate.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

earthly delight

Hot off the hydraulic press here is just a little sample of the fireplace mural we have been working on at Rookwod Pottery, these tiles are 12 inches each . Its a utopian vision gone wrong, a topsy turvy community where you must watch your back, while culture and heritage are also being thrown out to the dogs.

Utopian Collapse

Been carving this linoleum for a cuenca mural that will compliment the fire place that is in the works for the Contemporary Art Center , in Cincinnati,  and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, in New York this May. Its a project also involving Rookwood Pottery, Terrence Hammonds and Katie Parker. After RAM pressing these carved tiles into clay the lines will be raised allowing for glaze inlay, resulting in a nice crisp breaking line that contains the color of the melted glaze. Think of the Peaceable Kingdom if things went berzerk.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Volenin studies

Here are some practice shots for some photogrammetry tests. I love this analog stop motion animation, but eventually this information will be stitched together into a 3-d model. Here is a Vole and Lenin, a subterranean rodent followed by the soviet revolutionary. I am still looking for a way to refine the digital processing of fur.

Red Star Studios/ Belger Art Center - the end my friend, kind of

Thought I would post a a farewell to our show in Kansas City at Red Star Studios/Belger Art Center. It was great to be a part of our old scene after nearly a decade, and pleased that so much of the work found permanent homes. More images can be found here at Future Retrieval our collaborative blog , and at Katies site .  Thanks to Alecia Eler with  Hyperallergic , and Dana Self at Kansas City Star for these great reviews.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Big Trouble

Couple more images of Mao that I made in China. The image on the left " the mastermind" is one of the favorite things I have made in a while, the masked monkey is complete with prison tats, unkept toe nails, and of course some vegetation to cover his nakedness.
On the right is an unglazed Mutation so you can see the form without the metallic coating shown on the previous post below.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mutation and PVD

As the story is told in China,their method of Physical vapor deposition was invented by the Soviet Union in the 1960's during nuclear research. There are other industrial uses for this thin film metal coating including plating metal cutting tools and electrical conductivity. It seemed appropriate to make this mutated, PVD, porcelain Mao while saturating myself in the history and rhythms of the sculpture factory.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hold em, Mao

This sculpture was a collaboration with a local Jingdezhen artisan who I found had exceptional skill with overglaze painting. Mao is finished with representations of the four elements including a fire breathing dragon in his shirt! It was an interesting experiment working with a traditional painter who responded to my twist on image originating from the Chinese Cultural Revolution.   Mao's mask came from a CT scan/3-d print that I brought to China of the Texas state reptile, ( ironically people saw it as a dragon) the Texas Horned Toad, we call a Horny Toad in Oklahoma. One of the first things I noticed in the sculpture factory, besides the propaganda sculpture,  was the abundance of playing cards used for games and as tools, such as shims for balancing giant porcelain sculptures that were carried on hand carts, as well as gambling during lunch break. The cards that play a role in everyday life and lay scattered in the streets. This sculpture raises more questions than answers for me in regards to understanding Jingdezhen, but depicts my initial response to the current culture revolving around the Pottery Workshop and the factories in the area.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Chairman

Spent the last month in Jingdezhen, China as resident artist at The Pottery Workshop. The resources in the within sculpture factory of course led me to Mao, among others, as material for some sculpture. Here he is unfinished, masked as a Texas Horned Toad, and playing a blank card.  There some other variations along the way, and also be more projects posted with Future Retrieval.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

cut it out

I have been really thrilled about cutting and assembling color decals lately, arranging onto our forms small shape and color compositions. Though originally influenced by 1980's skateboard graphics including my old Tony Hawk , Psycho Stick, and Gonzales decks among others, I also can not help but relate to the diagonals of the painter Kandinsky's Bauhaus period, and many futurist works. In regards to this form I also have to give credit to the great Pushead.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Shelf Life

Inspired by skateboard graphics from the eighties,  I decided to decal up the skull for this years Small Favors show at the Clay Studio in Philadelphia. I have been wanting to do one like this for a while now and I think this style will start showing up in some upcoming larger projects.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I'm interested in subjecting the monkey to a variety of styles, genres, and periods, here is a version that may be used for one of Future Retrieval's upcoming shows. Where can punk rock meet Tiffany glass, a Dutch still life, Medieval tapestry, and who knows? Like the space monkey we are testing this little guy against a variety of extreme conditions.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


 Been spending some time in the "Magic room" where we are working on a DIY technology space at the University of Cincinnati to introduce and demystify digital imaging and fabrication to fine arts students. Here is a bit of 3-d laser scan data of the snarling bear head, it will soon be subject to a similar fate as Wolfie and the Beasts.