Monday, October 22, 2007

Protobird with a twist

Fresh from the printer , this new bird model [who's counter part can be seen in previous posts] has been "deformed" in Cinema 4D, a three dimensional modeling program. I have twisted this version for a fresh and lively look. Its eight inches tall
The image above are the original models, on top are the porcelain versions with more movement.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

protobat - taxidermic form rapid prototype

My first experience doing taxidermy was with this bat specimen, I acquired during my residency at Pope Valley Pottery, on the edge of Napa Valley, California. Here at the Ohio State University, Im working with Steven Thurston, researching the capabilities of 3-D scanning and rapid prototypes. Ultimately, Im converting the products of these new technologies into ceramics. The model shown above was printed with a zcorp 3-d printer. Myself ,nor the technology is perfect and I have lost a wing in the process, but the results are still very interesting.