Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bending stratasys

Here is the latest version of the digitalized bird form transformed into porcelain.


Diania said...

hey mike, whats up? or do you go by guy now? anyway i was thinking about you the other day and googled you and found your blog. your stuff is awesome. so your living in ohio? are u going to ohio state? its been a long time since we have talked, when u came to slc and stayed with me on your way back from napa. so hows everything been going? still skateboarding i hope. me, im still skating every chance i get, at least 2 or 3 times a week. since i saw you i got married, bought a duplex with the wife, bought another one, sold one, sold the other one and bought a brand new house in south jordan, a suburb of salt lake. being a landlord sucks. got a dog, a little schauser named oscar, and last june we had a little baby boy named finn, he is the shit. having a kid is the best thing in the world. the blogger account im using is my wifes, so check out her blog and see all things finn and oscar, mostly finn, and a few things about ourselves. well im glad i found your blog so we can stay in touch, i also have a myspace you can check out here

Diania said...

oh and if you couldnt figure it out, this is ben dickerson