Wednesday, May 21, 2008

shrews hide under ground

These nasty little critters have venomous saliva, which helps them feed on slugs,spiders, and centipedes, among other creepy things.Shrews use echolocation to find their way around. I am interested in the organisms that are commonly beneath our feet.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My MFA Show at the O.S.U Urban Arts Space

This is probably the second to last time I will be posting about this body of work, it will be exhibited at the Clay Studio in Philadelphia during the month of July, and I will document the project in that small space. Though I worked on several major projects while in graduate school, I felt I needed to sum it all up in one piece, since this is a group show with limited space.

Monday, May 5, 2008

MFA Show Poster

My MFA thesis project is complete and installed at the O.S.U. Urban Arts Space. I have switched gears and have been working on my show poster with the Letterpress at the Non Fiction Studio. It has been very pleasant to be able to work in a different space, in different materials. There are just a couple more layers then I will be finished with this run of 30 prints. I now have two things to focus on, the thesis document and rats.

small favor III

For the small favors show at the clay studio I was given this little box with a 3/4 inch interior to display something in. The piece I wanted to show wouldn't fit so I devised a way to perch this bird form outside of the box.


The latest acquisition to my collection is this freeze dried rat. I just cant wait to start making things with this form. Hmmmmmm... rats in trees?