Saturday, August 30, 2008

The New Porcelain

We are back from the Dresden, and have documented a few of the pieces that we were able to immediately bring back. These are a few of my favorites, from left to right, temporarily titled, Swan Ride, The Ratster, and The Old Rat and Chain. The kiln burning turned out successful, with little to no error. Some of the pieces are still to be selectively over-glazed with colored enamels. The residency at Dresden Porcelain was an event that will influence my practice for some time, and has opened my mind new concepts as well as strategies for production.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Zwinger Greats

These two pieces are among my favorite of the Zwingers exhibited collection. I had the chance to see many more sculptures like this in the basement including the last piece by J.J Kaendler, the great Meissen modeler, as well as the only piece he had ever signed. Elements of this work will undoubtedly filter into my own.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Our contact Olaf Stoy, is friends with Heike Ulbricht who does porcelain restoration, and gave us an incredible tour of the Zwinger along with the collection that is not exhibited at the museum. This piece shown here was originally conceived to be 10 meters high, which would be a major accomplishment for porcelain. Olaf is working on some pieces for this monument for restoration purposes also. The works at the Zwinger are probably the most complex and dynamic objects I have ever seen in porcelain and have opened up my mind to grand concepts with this material.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Working and Burning Dresden Style

On top: I could have spent days detailing, and cleaning up my work.
Above: Marcello stacked the kiln for us and did not want any help, in fact we had to leave because we were making him nervous. I was feeling a little nervous as well, so it was better I left the kiln room after all. I will show the results soon.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rare Glimpse

I dont think that I have ever posted " things I like" on this blog, in fact I have been specifically trying to keep this purely a record of my studio practice and development. Now I am allowing my sources and experiences in, to exhibit a wider perspective of my work, as well as some context. Here are a few things that stand out as favorites and influences while at the residency here in Dresden. On top are the objects that caught my eye while visiting the Meissen, porcelain museum, and above, the Procession of The Princes. This Mural is made of porcelain tiles made in Meissen, the detail is of Agustus II the Strong.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Grotesque Swan

We have pretty much finished up with the building of our projects here in Dresden. Another one of the forms we were able to work with was this swan, which was modeled after Meissens swan service collection. Olaf, our guide here at the manufactory told me today that when this form was modeled, there was an interest in grotesque representations of nature. The way that the bird seems to be thrashing around inspired me to place the rat on its back with the tail wrapping around the neck.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mops in the history of porcelain in Europe

We have had the chance to work with Mops, a Pug mold that we have seen in numerous places. Dresden Porcelain opened in the late 1800's and began production with the figures that were popular and selling at that time. The original " Mops " was designed by Johaan Joachim Kaendler who was a modeler for Meissen Porcelain in the 1700's, [ I will add that he was the the best that Meissen has had ] and has been copied by many manufactories in Germany since. Here are images of the Original version(center), the Dresden porcelain version(left), and my on take on this form, with mops chained with flowers to my rat head. My objective here was to combine my new forms within the historical setting of porcelain in Europe.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Round One With dresden Porcelain

The material here is amazing, it casts well and is also more plastic than I am used to. I brought my rat mold here to cast and combine with the factories molds to combine the old and the new, while also immersing myself with the German culture and aesthetic.

Dresden Porcelain

Now after a week at the Dresden residency, I am able to start with the blogging. These two images are of the Dresden Porcelain Manufactory, the white building where we are working, and the Zwinger, one of palaces of Agustus the Strong.The architecture is beautiful, and the history of porcelain here is inspiring. We are making work like there is no tomorrow, and I will be posting images of the progress next.