Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mops in the history of porcelain in Europe

We have had the chance to work with Mops, a Pug mold that we have seen in numerous places. Dresden Porcelain opened in the late 1800's and began production with the figures that were popular and selling at that time. The original " Mops " was designed by Johaan Joachim Kaendler who was a modeler for Meissen Porcelain in the 1700's, [ I will add that he was the the best that Meissen has had ] and has been copied by many manufactories in Germany since. Here are images of the Original version(center), the Dresden porcelain version(left), and my on take on this form, with mops chained with flowers to my rat head. My objective here was to combine my new forms within the historical setting of porcelain in Europe.

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