Saturday, January 2, 2010

Marine Toad aka Cane Toad aka

This recent acquisition to my collection of invasive species is Bufo Marinus, the infamous Cane Toad. These giant toads multiply by the thousands and are probably the most widely introduced amphibian in the world. Growing to devour small rodents, there is also a milky toxic secretion coming from perotoid glands that will burn the eyes and inflame the skin . A dog or a cat that bites a Cane Toad will sicken and may die.
I will be using these toads in the Garden of Earthly Delights exhibition " Replanting the Garden" coming up this May at Big Car in Indianopolis.


Anna said...

Those nasty Cane Toads are killing off the wild life in Queensland Australia where they were introduced to the sugar cane fields. The wild life is trying to fight back, some birds have learnt to flip them over to avoid the poison glands. Still a huge problem and they are spreading.
Good luck with your show.

Ryan VanHoy said...

Hey Michael,

Nice work! Big Car Gallery is just across the parking lot from where I live. You should stop by and say hello if you get the chance or perhaps I'll just walk across the parking lot and see if I find you:)

Ryan VanHoy