Friday, April 9, 2010

Toad Mode

A bit of progress on the cane toad initiative, click the image for detail. These guys made their debut at Musicnow, an incredible three day festival of performances held at Memorial Hall in Cincinnati. We (Future Retrieval) devised and installed work specifically for that event which was presented by Country Club Projects. It is true Cane Toads can and will eat rodents. The labor that has prevented my posting will come to light within the next month and a half where there are a few shows/ products that have been underground.

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Dan said...

I saw your pieces posted for Richard Saja's show. Gorgeous! The guitarist in our band had a bunch of Cane Toads when we were young. He used to steal reptiles and amphibians from a great pet store in Manhattan called : "Exotic Aquatic".

If interested in buying a piece, do I do it through this site?