Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hold em, Mao

This sculpture was a collaboration with a local Jingdezhen artisan who I found had exceptional skill with overglaze painting. Mao is finished with representations of the four elements including a fire breathing dragon in his shirt! It was an interesting experiment working with a traditional painter who responded to my twist on image originating from the Chinese Cultural Revolution.   Mao's mask came from a CT scan/3-d print that I brought to China of the Texas state reptile, ( ironically people saw it as a dragon) the Texas Horned Toad, we call a Horny Toad in Oklahoma. One of the first things I noticed in the sculpture factory, besides the propaganda sculpture,  was the abundance of playing cards used for games and as tools, such as shims for balancing giant porcelain sculptures that were carried on hand carts, as well as gambling during lunch break. The cards that play a role in everyday life and lay scattered in the streets. This sculpture raises more questions than answers for me in regards to understanding Jingdezhen, but depicts my initial response to the current culture revolving around the Pottery Workshop and the factories in the area.

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