Sunday, January 27, 2013

Volenin studies

Here are some practice shots for some photogrammetry tests. I love this analog stop motion animation, but eventually this information will be stitched together into a 3-d model. Here is a Vole and Lenin, a subterranean rodent followed by the soviet revolutionary. I am still looking for a way to refine the digital processing of fur.

Red Star Studios/ Belger Art Center - the end my friend, kind of

Thought I would post a a farewell to our show in Kansas City at Red Star Studios/Belger Art Center. It was great to be a part of our old scene after nearly a decade, and pleased that so much of the work found permanent homes. More images can be found here at Future Retrieval our collaborative blog , and at Katies site .  Thanks to Alecia Eler with  Hyperallergic , and Dana Self at Kansas City Star for these great reviews.