Thursday, April 18, 2013

Honey Bear dont give a.....

Heres something we nerded out on. In order to 3-d print this 20+ inch bear from scan data it needed to be sliced up to fit within the powder printer. On the left each box indicates the build area I am restricted to with our machines. Once I received the finished part it was partially reassembled and molds were taken. Each of the lower sections requires about 4 gallons of casting slip to fill the mold, when all of the 7 parts are cast ( legs are separate too) it is fully reassembled and hand finished. In the center you can see the original little bear.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


I picked up this jumbo frozen feeder rat destined to become the meal for someones exotic python from  the neighborhood pet shop where they stock these frozen critters as pet food . My usual natural history source is supplying rats that are way too fat, so I decided to shop local. I also found a taxidermy studio in the area with a freeze drier that does custom work, they freeze dry wild game trophies and peoples cats and so forth. I will be building my own soon. I think I have too projects on my plate.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

earthly delight

Hot off the hydraulic press here is just a little sample of the fireplace mural we have been working on at Rookwod Pottery, these tiles are 12 inches each . Its a utopian vision gone wrong, a topsy turvy community where you must watch your back, while culture and heritage are also being thrown out to the dogs.

Utopian Collapse

Been carving this linoleum for a cuenca mural that will compliment the fire place that is in the works for the Contemporary Art Center , in Cincinnati,  and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, in New York this May. Its a project also involving Rookwood Pottery, Terrence Hammonds and Katie Parker. After RAM pressing these carved tiles into clay the lines will be raised allowing for glaze inlay, resulting in a nice crisp breaking line that contains the color of the melted glaze. Think of the Peaceable Kingdom if things went berzerk.