Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Keep Jingdezhen Weird

Some process images of things I was working on while in Jingdezhen this last December. Finished images still to come.
 I gained a little more control of blue and white painting, something I want to pursue further. The imagery came from a Ming Dynasty shard I found that I thought looked quite contemporary, I stylized it a bit further though.

After some minor trial and error the giant rats came out perfect, I ended up buying a porcelain horse that my work fell onto in the kiln which was pretty funny.
Some wheel work also happened that was then passed of to a local artist who specializes in flower making, this is for a show in March.

Of course I can not help myself when I go to China but to work with the image of Mao. I purchased the figures from a family business that still makes these cultural revolution figures, then began painting it with iconographic patterns that I designed thinking of the opium wars, the Shanghai massacre, the great leap forward, and other major events.

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